Because of the different shapes and installation positions of the building, the outdoor grille screen needs to be installed in accordance with the site environment and local conditions, without affecting the appearance of the building, so that the LED grille screen can achieve a better display effect. The following are common LED grid screen installation methods:




  1. Ordinary external wall installation
  2. Glass curtain wall exterior wall installation
  3. Inner wall installation of glass curtain wall
  4. Vertical installation on the roof
  5. Column installation
  6. Ceiling installation


Precautions for installation of common grille screens


Problems to be paid attention to during the installation of LED grid screen:

  1. Outdoor grille screen installation location selection: check the quality of the wall where the LED grille screen is installed on the building body, and investigate whether the building wall can bear the weight of the outdoor grille screen structure; the installation location should avoid the display area being Blocking by other buildings or trees, so as not to affect people's visual viewing effect.
  1. Confirmation of the structure of outdoor LED grid screen: For the grid screen installed on the wall of the building, in the preliminary design of the structural construction drawings, the building and root structure type, size and location should be described in detail, and It is analyzed and confirmed to ensure its good running performance.
  2. Key points for the installation of LED grille screens: Keep in touch with the construction unit at any time during construction, and keep abreast of the progress of grille screen installation. Try to visit the construction site to avoid problems and make adjustments when the construction and planning are different. , To ensure that the outdoor grille screen can be successfully installed.


Precautions for installation of grille screen:

  • Before installation, power supply, and commissioning, please read the "Safety Warning" chapter in the outdoor grille screen instruction book.
  • Ensure that the installation structure of the screen can bear at least 5 times the total weight of the screen, installation accessories, cables, etc.
  • Ensure that there is no easy-to-fall items above the installation position to avoid damage to the screen and cause casualties.
  • Ensure that there are no pedestrians and vehicles passing by at the bottom of the screen, and properly restrict the activity area and prompt guidance.
  • During installation, follow the normal operating procedures and wear safety helmets and other relevant measures.