1. How to test the reliability of LED chips

    LED has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, long life and environmental protection. In the actual production and development process, the reliability level of the LED chip needs to be evaluated through the life test, and the reliability level of the LED chip is improved through quality feedback. To ensure the quality of LED chips.


    As an electronic component, light-emitting diodes have been around for more than 40 years, but for a long time, they have been limited by luminous efficiency and brightness, and have only been used for indicator lights. Until the end of the last century, they broke through the technical bottleneck and produced high-brightness and high-efficiency LEDs and blue lights. LED, its application range is extended to signal lights, urban night scene projects, full-color screens, etc., providing the possibility of being a lighting source. As the scope of LED applications increases, improving the reliability of LEDs is of even greater significance.

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  2. What you need to pay attention to for outdoor LED screen display installation

    For LED Display installation, the associated engineering is all about creating a base for the display to be installed, while harmonizing with the surrounding environment, the other associated engineering are.

    1. Civil infrastructure works (including lightning protection and grounding).
    2. Structural steel frame works.
    3. exterior decoration works.




    Civil Engineering Foundation

    Fixed LED display screen construction foundation engineering is the basic engineering of the display installation, mainly used in outdoor display project as screen bearing pedestal, its function is mainly two aspects: the screen weight force uniformly bearing on the foundation, to prevent the screen body subsidence; balance the screen body by wind load, prevent the screen body overturning.

    The civil foundation is

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  3. Precautions for installation of common grille screens

    Because of the different shapes and installation positions of the building, the outdoor grille screen needs to be installed in accordance with the site environment and local conditions, without affecting the appearance of the building, so that the LED grille screen can achieve a better display effect.

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  4. Identification of true brightness index of LED electronic display

    As a medium of publicity, LED display screens appear frequently in our lives, and the demand for maintenance identification information relative to LED electronic display screens has also increased. Let us discuss how to identify the brightness of the LED electronic display.
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