Terms of Use of led-mall Store 

All buyers are acknowledging the following terms and services.

Refund policy

The purchaser may be entitled to a refund for any purchases made within 30 days in accordance to led-malls return policy. The purchaser may not receive a refund under certain circumstances.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation of an order will be assessed with a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase value as stated in led-mall.com Cancellation Policy.

Extended Warranty

Extend your Warranty to 3 years by filling out the extended warranty form and returning to led-mall.com. Standard Warranty expires after 2 years.

After-sales Services&Online Support

When buyers do not understand the operation, configuration of the goods purchased from led-mall.com. led-mall.com will offer the corresponding user manuals or drawings to guide the buyers. If necessary, engineers of led-mall.com will offer online support for the operation and configuration. Led-mall.com reserves the right to refuse offering support if the buyers do not have necessary basic knowledge or can not operate as the request of led-mall.com’s engineer.