For LED Display installation, the associated engineering is all about creating a base for the display to be installed, while harmonizing with the surrounding environment, the other associated engineering are.

  1. Civil infrastructure works (including lightning protection and grounding).
  2. Structural steel frame works.
  3. exterior decoration works.




Civil Engineering Foundation

Fixed LED display screen construction foundation engineering is the basic engineering of the display installation, mainly used in outdoor display project as screen bearing pedestal, its function is mainly two aspects: the screen weight force uniformly bearing on the foundation, to prevent the screen body subsidence; balance the screen body by wind load, prevent the screen body overturning.

The civil foundation is mainly composed of foundation, bearing, reinforced concrete foundation, pre-buried parts and backfill. Reinforced concrete is composed of steel reinforcement keel and concrete, and the concrete is evenly mixed with cement, sand, crushed stone and water in a certain proportion. The steel reinforcement resembles a skeleton, while the concrete is like flesh and blood, which combine to achieve high strength. As a civil foundation project used for the display, the typical construction period is around 7 to 45 days. Buried parts is the prefabricated steel structural parts in the concrete filling together with buried in the concrete, so as to provide a solid foundation for the future installation of external components, commonly used prefabricated parts are prefabricated screws, prefabricated steel plate and so on.

Outdoor civil engineering foundation project generally need additional lightning protection grounding, the basic approach is in the foundation project, with a certain size of the flat steel welded into a mesh grounding network, the grounding network buried in the foundation, and will do certain treatment of the foundation soil, so that the resistance drop to meet the requirements of lightning protection grounding, and then the concrete in the steel and the multi-point welding, and with the flat steel multi-point lead out of the ground, in order to and future structure of the Connected, so that the whole structure with lightning protection grounding. Grounding resistance measurement generally uses grounding resistance meter, resistance value is generally less than 10Ω.


What you need to pay attention to for outdoor LED screen display installation

Basic Introduction to Steel Framing

LED display steel structure frame engineering is the basic engineering of the display installation, display components through the steel structure frame will screen body firmly assembled into a whole, and will screen body and building body connected together, bearing the weight of the screen body and subjected to other external forces, at the same time or other equipment, external decoration of the installation foundation. The main components of the steel frame are steel column support (mainly used for column structure), base (mainly used for floor mounting), main frame of the screen, and joint fasteners.


The steel column support is mainly used for column installation, and the bottom and the civil foundation are connected through embedded parts to play the role of supporting the upper part of the screen, which is made by bending and welding steel plates of specified thickness. The main frame of the screen is mainly made by welding, but it can also be bolted together with prefabricated parts. There are three main parts: a. screen fixed structure; b. decorative cladding structure; c. rear maintenance structure (for large screens).


Chemical reinforcement that is in the existing concrete structure or components of the project according to the proposed steel, screw, with appropriate drilling and depth, the use of chemical adhesives so that the proposed new reinforcement and concrete bonded firmly, and so that the new reinforcement can play the design of the desired performance. The tensile force acting on the reinforcement is transferred to the concrete by the chemical adhesive. Chemical reinforcement process is simple, fast anchoring, safe and reliable, so it is widely used in structural reinforcement, reinforcement, new and old structure connection, burying steel reinforcement, buried steel components, etc. In the LED display installation project, it is mainly used for the installation of LED display screen.


In the LED display installation project is mainly used in the formed civil structure, the original no pre-buried joint member place, through the method of chemical reinforcement will steel structure framework and civil structure connected together, the main product is chemical anchor.

What you need to pay attention to for outdoor LED screen display installation

Basic introduction to exterior decoration work

LED display decoration engineering is the use of structural joints or binder will decorate decorative decoration materials fixed to the external steel structure frame, make it achieve a beautiful appearance, and to achieve waterproof (for outdoor) and other protective purposes.


Stainless steel: general decorative use of stainless steel are mainly matte brushed stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, can be selected according to customer requirements. Common thickness of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and so on, generally according to the size of the wrapping area to determine the material thickness.


Aluminum (buckle) plate: aluminum plate is the choice of aluminum alloy plate through the mechanical compression into a fixed size, through the joint fixed to the steel frame, the color can choose a variety, the disadvantage is that the cost is high, the size needs to be done in advance, the scene is not easy to change.


The structure is to cover a thin layer of aluminum on the plastic substrate, and the exposed paint surface is protected by fluorocarbon spraying, which has the advantages of more colors, good weather resistance, light weight and easy on-site production. Commonly used specifications are indoor plate, outdoor plate; thickness of 3 mm (indoor), 4 mm (outdoor).


Other materials: commonly used other materials are glass glue, weather sealant, structural sealant, aluminum square tube, wood keel, wood plywood and so on, these materials are mainly used as the substrate of external decorative panels and sealing, waterproof.